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Re: close call???

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A trained attacker would have choked from the rear but before doing so would unbalance one from behind before applying the choke as I have found to be effective on many occasions..... taking balance disables the victim from gaining any real purchase if executed by taking the head backwards and slipping into a rear neck choke swiftly...... In the case I encountered the head chancery was applied from their right side which facilitated easy access, for me, to their groin area followed up with what we call gyaku gamae/gedan ate which can facilitate easy dumping flat on their back with quite an audible thump when hitting the deck (concrete pavement /sidewalk) that hard!!..... no problem for a reasonably skilled martial artist...... not forgetting there was two assailants, required quick thinking and of course a little luck on my part...... same as for most.... given most nasty situations..... moral of the story is try and avoid getting grabbed into a neck or head lock!! Not as easy as it sounds when you are getting someone's change for them!! ya can't always tell unless you are telepathic!!
Take Care

Ahh here is where we had our communication lines crossed. I was talking about chokes, you are talking about side headlocks. Yea, no reasonable trained attacker will do a side headlock. It's a pointless and vulnerable position. I was talking about either a choke from head on (the guillotine choke). In that position, while you have full access to the groin it doesn't do you any good because in a second or two it's all over for you anways.

- Don
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