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Re: close call???

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Worked for me in a real situ not in the dojo....... I am talking about a real life scenario when there was more than one assailant...... Its rough as a cabbie in this country when you have to deal with drunken people on illegal substances and the like.... but ya have to earn a living ...... violence is a growing problem here on cabbies as they are easy targets.... unfortunately..... But then I think you are talking about a dojo situation on one on one sport where it wouldn't be "cricket"
No rules in the street I'm afraid!!
No, I was talking about a no rules situation. You are simply just lucky your attacker was worried more about his nuts and couldn't keep his cool. A trained attacker would of kept his cool and choked you unconscious while defending his groin (which is fairly easy to do if you give it a shot). But luck is as good as technique in my book.

I have people try to test this stuff from time to time. It never ends how they expect and it really is disheartening for me.

- Don
"If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough" - Albert Einstein
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