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Re: Hakama for non-yudansha

Back in the day of 5th kyu and going to these courses it annoyed me that these people did not know the basic footwork of a technique. I was awarded my hakama at 3rd kyu but only wore it in class as to not confused other beginners at courss. Now i am not 5th kyu i have advanced in training, mentally and physically. These days i don't care who i train with, it doesn't annoy me personally, but that annoyance i always have with me. When i trained as a 5th kyu and went to train with someone as a 'higher' grade to teach me the technique i was severely disappointed when it went the other way, i didn't feel right doing it at such a young age, I was learned something at these courses but i believe i always could have learned just that little bit more!

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