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Re: Aikido in Tight Quarters (eg an Elevator)

To me, it is not an issue of "aikido", it is an issue of situational training. Have you practiced under those conditions? If you are asking the question, then I assume the answer is no, otherwise you would already have answered your own question because you had trained in a phone booth, or an approximation of one!

The difference is not the aikido, but the conditions imposed by the environment that determine how it will work.

You've simply got to train with those constraints and factors in place if it is important to you.

Aikido, as taught by most is designed to teach principles, which are universal. Though they are universal principles, that will work in most every situation, that does not mean that you can simply walk into any situation and apply them yourself!

Prinicples are universal, but the CONDITIONS in which you apply them aren't!

Therefore you must go out and keep adjusting those conditions in order to really understand practical application (if this is important to you).

Some (i'd say most) are happy simply studying the prinicples of aikido. Some of us are also concerned with application in various types of scenarios.

For the latter, there is no substitute for actually training under that pressure with those conditions imposed.

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