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Re: Another harassment question

Ron R.,

Tom28 said, "My sensei IS a good guy. He's not a bully in my opinion at all. He's jut one of those guys who at inappropriate around women and doesn't realize what he's saying is too much/too far. Some guys just turn into different people near women, we all work with guys like that.

My goal is to create a balanced training environment where everyone is happy, enjoying their training and lastly attracting new students for me to learn from. His actions are alienating half the population and pissing off the other half. Know what I mean?"

As we see the real issue isn't about women being treated poorly in the middle east by men. Or that all male sensei's are sexist criminals victimizing all their women that walk through their dojos that this sensei is suppose to represent.

The true issue is Tom28 want to create a dojo where everyone is happy, and new students are attracted. Where the sensei's isn't pissing people off with his behavior, despite him being a good guy except his preferred manner with trying to pick up a couple women in the dojo. So really, whose dojo is it? Tom28's or the sensei.

Good question here is does Tom28 who had to stop going to the dojo for a while because he was busy has the right to take over another person's dojo, and change it to what he feels it should be? And not by a women who is being victimized by a sensei where others on the net condemning him as a predatory male sexist animal. Thus, harassment laws should be in place to protect a helpless women (not girl) from all males who are thus monster sexist predators because he doesn't say the right thing to the right woman. Because all women are oppressed and helpless and are without any of their rights, and need others to rush to their aid. This should bother you that is the real issue being buried in favor of this situation twisted into a flagship that attacks and condemns all men. It bothers me, on many levels.

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