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Re: Another harassment question

Ron R., I am not going to debate you over your opinion, that would be silly. I will however call your opinion into question if you are making snap judgements, or attacking a person's character based on anything but first hand facts, and experiences. There is alt of assumptions being made about this woman, and her sensei. More heavily damaging I feel is toward the woman who has not addressed this discussion. Why make her out to be an insecure, helpless, female ripe for victimization when we don't know if that is true or not. Is that fair to her? Or our we just making her out to be something she isn't just to push our own views or agenda. Or dislike of someone we may or may not know.

If this sensei has committed a crime, he could be arrested and go to court for it. If this sensei hasn't committed a crime and the description of his behavior is offensive to some here then he hasn't committed a crime. Do we put everyone in jail who offends us? No we don't, some would like that- their really a little nuts. Rather we put them in the worse light possible in the public eye, attacking their character, say the right things to get people worked up into a wild hysteria - mob mentality carrying pitch forks and a hangman's noose- for the court of public opinion. Is this how societies works?

As I said before, you're not hired by a dojo. You hire the dojo, and for any reason you can fire that dojo and stop going. Not every dojo fits everyone. And there isn't one dojo in the world. And if the dojo has criminal activity in it and you are victimized by it, who in the hell would stay around when that happens, who enjoys being victimized over and over again, I don't think anyone. Even if you are uncomfortable or offended you may not want to stay depending on the level. Again you are not married to the sensei or the members/dojo. The dojo doesn't rule your life, or control your life or livelihood. It is a recreational activity, not a job where you are paid, the sensei isn't your boss, you pay for the class with your hard earned money. You can leave anytime for any reason. That gives you the power, both men and women alike. The sex of a person has nothing to do with it, as they both have equal power to equally exercise it in the manner they want. It is both their right equally.

Got to get back to work, gotta meet with the boss, being a top exec. she expect people not to be late.

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