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Re: Another harassment question

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Where is the love?

If the sensei in question was a well known shihan or someone like Clint George (his Aikido background), people would be going to bat for the unnamed sensei, the same people who are attacking him now.
Get thee to thine nearest Logic class.

As pointed out, you have twice committed the logical fallacy of False Analogy.

When you attempt to compare this case with the Clint George case. The two incidents may have similarities, but the point at which you compare them, they are significantly different. EVERYONE who read the thread on Clint George knew the name and perhaps reputation of the accused teacher. Very few, if any, who have read this thread know the name or reputation of the accused teacher. And since your argument hinges on the fact that famous and respected teachers are given a little slack, you have no argument in this case.

Moreover, there are clearly differences between your analogy of a gay teacher making a pass at you and what Tom28 describes. Indeed, the condition of women in our society has improved, but rarely are men oggled, whistled at, or seen as sex objects as women often are. Likewise, for men, gray hair is distinguished and wrinkles add character. Our society may have changed significantly, but on the whole, men still have a good deal compared to women.