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Bruce Baker
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Taken the wrong way

Should you take my previous post the wrong way...

I guess the inversion of moral outrage is to have responders take the highground with childish taunts of " ... you don't know what you are talking about and I do" which I shouldn't fall for, but then again we do give into our weak moments upon becoming writers to some Aikiweb threads ... so if taken the wrong way, I apologize now.

I would have thought that experience would be more widespread thoughout the Aikido Community, but I was wrong to assume that all of us are adults that have experienced many of the things we all write about. I was wrong.

I guess that is why O'Sensei let many things passwhen his students wondered about morality verses training as related in stories, and writings. We each find our own experiences the learning platform for how we understand Aikido, and how we expand its boundarys.

I probably don't need to, but all the same, when most of you get fired up, I apologize now for getting you worked up ... just let it be.

Go back to your hum-drum normal everyday practice. I just came back from practice, and we had to play outside because of some craft show taking over the Community Center, so I was kind of worked up from an outside weapons class in the parking lot.

Maybe more of you should try that ... just get out of your cars and have practice in the parking lot sometime, it really starts to connect the abstract practice with your everyday life.

Sorry for the previous rant.
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