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Re: Hakama for non-yudansha

Graham Butt wrote: View Post
hakama for non yudansha.... hmmm

I've trained at a few courses and there was nothing more irratating than picking out someone to train with,
Really, nothing?

i always went for hakama wearers. Under the impression they should know wot they are doing,
that'll teach ya.LOL

there was nothing worse than me being 5th kyu understanding the technique btr than the hakama wearer.
Let's see, is 'worse' worse than irritating?
Honestly, I had a similar problem once waaaaaayyyyy back in 'the day', and then i learned to look for other signals. Like how they wear their hakama, how they walk, how relaxed or alert a person are they. How much confidence do they have, how is their posture....those kind of things that can be translated to any environment for 'sizing up' a situation.

To me it's a yudansha thing, something to be given as an achievement/token for your hard work and effort.
And yet, I've met yudansha who do not qualify for a hakama based on your criteria and I've met mudansha who do. Par for the hierarchical course.

I really do get what your saying. I've just had a chance to see more and I hold a different perspective. In my dojo everyone wears a hakama, wether they like it or not. My dojo, my rules. When visiting other dojo cultures, we adjust.


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