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Re: Extending Aiki and Aiki Extensions

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"I'd venture to say that everyone is interested [in AE] --at least on some level--in this. IMHO, the problem with institutionalism is always going to be institutionalism. Can the principles and goals of such an organization be met by people in everyday life without the organizational dedication that is assumed?
This is a bit like the favorite Washington D.C. trope about "less government = good" which sounds great until you think about it, if you do. The real question is not should people work together (organizational dedication to goals) but HOW should people work together toward the most ideal outcomes. Institutions should see a major part of their mission as avoiding the ISM you quite rightly fear. Doctrinalization is often a specious end and drinking the cool-aid anywhere leads pretty predictable directions.

Sometimes I just need to whine a bit that "it seems harder than it should be to get folks to collaborate on the kind of scale the world really needs right now" but I will not only get up from my falls to train more. I will practice, organizationally, so that my/our ukemi brings me/us back to standing and moving with speed and grace more often than not. This is too important work to just lie around and rub on the Tiger Balm. I'm "committed to growing an inclusive training community, by whatever name, that works together in service toward that end" because
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we as humans have set up institutions, systems, structures, etc, that span over too big of geographic areas to adequately serve any one area.
This is the reason for massive social justice organizing and facilitation of local groups getting global support to be able to maintain local governance. That is where AE has been and where it will head or crash. Even in ad hoc or power-distributive institutions, the culturally natural tendency to make unilateral decisions is multiplied by the reality of crises and potentially alleviated by valuing (funding/supporting) professional facilitation (in this case, administration) to get the right mix of process (listening) and task (response).

I was hired, explicitly, to
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address by analyzing the composition of the organization, and apply concepts of how an institution can work to help spread practices of peaceful conflict resolution, while not taking on the rigid and centralized/hierarchical structures that so often plague non-for-profit organizations.
Wanna help?
We could really use your insight and energy.

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