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Re: Another harassment question

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Flirting Joe? And whether it's flirting or not is irrelevant since the attention is both unasked for and, at least in the first case, clearly unwanted. The instructor's behavior would be illegal in the workplace, why should it be any different in an Aikido dojo? How many incidents with how many different women will it take before you're willing to admit that maybe this guy has a problem?

The spirit of this dojo is being adversely affected by the instructor's behavior.

Ron I think you got it.
If this was in the work place there would be a serious shit storm brewing.
You suggest a coworker or someone your in charge of wear a lower cut sweater or slap them on the ass and you would be looking for a new job.

Philip, I can take it getting it from sides not to worry
I realize there is blame to go around. Me for not addressing the situation when it first happened, my friend for ignoring it and the instructor for initiating it.
I feel responsible because I didn't address it the first time. I invited someone back to the class knowing what happened. I doubt anyone will accuse me of being the bad guy here but I still feel like I brought this ont he class (with help) which is why I feel so strongly abount correcting the situation.

My friend in this case has attended class for 2 months maybe once or twice a week, sometimes missing a week here and there, and has never socialized with him outside of the Dojo having tuned down offers to go for a drink. Yes philip she has approached me on the issue saying 'you were right he's starting to make inappropiate comments and it's getting worse'. Why is she continuing? I don't know. By her nature shes shy. She has a jerk of a coworker she deals with but refuses to confront him. I guess some people just hate confrontation and drama. If I had to guess why she continues in class she loves aikido and for the time being the pros outweight the cons. She's hoping it will go away.