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anime wo shite imasu

Originally posted by Duarh
well, my level is spoken-only basic (not VERY basic, but nothing philosophical either) conversation. My method was 1) learning grammar patterns from a textbook (i used 'nakama') 2) getting a dictionary (i got Oxford's Basic, which is bad for vocabulary, has only 3000 words, but has a nice useful appendix on grammar) 3) used the best-ever, ultimate Japanese learning tool available in the west - anime. Watch/listen & write down words & check meanings. Making pretty swift progress - but this won't work for everyone
Thank you for your input; it sounds like your course to japanese competancy was full of minor course corrections. Luck has it in for me, the day to day exposure to amine is intense; i just finished the Evangelion DVD for Manga [authoring is what I do, for you geeks out there]. Thanks for your help.

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