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Re: Toby Threadgill at Aikido of Northern Virginia


It was good meeting you there finally. I agree with your comments!

I would love to post a review of the seminar, but to be honest I am having a hard time processing all the input I received.

As I told Toby, I normally kind of avoid Koryu guys as I am basically a simpleton and get bored easily. I had planned on cutting out after the first evening if it got too much in the weeds on the details of customs, antiquated practices, and all that stuff.

Of course, I left the third day kinda wishing that it did not end.

Toby is one of the most outstanding teachers I have ever worked with. He keeps it simple, focused, is approachable, and can have you doing things that you have had trouble with, even if it only last for a short while before you forget how to do it!

I like the fact that he uses his koryu background to demonstrate principles that can be applied to any modern practice. As a Modern Combatives guy, I found myself in agreeing with him on application and tactics. He understands both the old and the new.

We need guys like him to preserve these old systems so us simpletons can return to the source look at etiology or what not and find new meaning and ways to do things based on the old.

I know for a fact that I would never have the patience or the ability to study a system such as TYSR. However, it is a rare occasion to see someone of his caliber do what he does.

Anyway, as I said, still processing what he showed us, so I don't even know where I would begin to talk about it!

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