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Re: Another harassment question

Tom28 wrote:
You're a girl you should be flexable! You're a girl you should this or that. Common comments guys make. They started getting more and more personal and I could tell my friend felt awkward. She would try and call him on it by saying "hey cut that out you're a pig" in a half joking way but this had no effect. Once or twice he slapped her ass- she ended up stopping attending class after that. [snip]

After a while however she started to realize the comments were getting out of control. He's always calling her pretty, beautiful, georgeous making comments like you're a girl you should be able to roll up off your back better. You're a girl you should be able to spread your legs more! He says it in a joking manner but it's clearly becoming a problem. Sooner or later I expect him to start slapping her ass or becoming more bold.
Flirting Joe? And whether it's flirting or not is irrelevant since the attention is both unasked for and, at least in the first case, clearly unwanted. The instructor's behavior would be illegal in the workplace, why should it be any different in an Aikido dojo? How many incidents with how many different women will it take before you're willing to admit that maybe this guy has a problem?

Tom28 wrote:
I forsee her either getting fed up to the point here she too quits class or worse where the other male students quit because their tired of the constant comments and attention inflicted on her by the instructor.
The spirit of this dojo is being adversely affected by the instructor's behavior.