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Re: Another harassment question

a note on the sensei in question. you say he is a "decent guy" but has committed some very indecent acts around women. i'd like to suggest that it is possible, through lack of experience, that he might not know how to behave around women. a friend of mine in college was damn near arrested because of this type of behavior. he was a shy, awkward guy with no sisters and little contact with his mother. what he knew of relating to women was gleaned from adolescent friends, x-rated movies and sleazy books. this was his"normal" and he simply didn't know any better. thankfully, campus authorities directed him to counseling, which probably saved his life. i bring this up only because so many seem to be assuming this sensei is a predator, and he may be. or he might be some guy who has had limited contact with women and just doesn't know any better.