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Matthew Rogers wrote: View Post
Although David is accurate in his description here of my teacher's capabilities i think the years have increased his estimation of my own!
Matt, all my estimations seem to be diminishing as I get elderly. What was I saying?

Actually, it's really true. I've had taps like that only a few times in the decades I've been involved in martial arts. And those few moments have defined my idea of "internal" martial arts. Your descriptions of Master Hwang have also stuck with me. In general, the impression I got from your effectiveness was that hapkido contained a great deal of internal power that I had never met in aikido practitioners. The sense that I got was not that you were doing a "harsh" form of aikido but that your hapkido was much closer to the daito root of aikido--that this shocking, electrical cannonball effect was something more like what I could expect from a daito ryu man.

As for this thread, concerning the relationship between hapkido and aikido, I knew you must be the best living person to comment on it, having trained widely and deeply in Japan in both aikido and daito ryu. I take it you were never able to find anyone who could verify Sokaku Takeda's traveling with Yong Sul Choi?

But in any case, you have had in-depth experience in Japan with aikido and daito ryu, as well as your lengthy training in hapkido with Master Hwang.

Matthew Rogers wrote: View Post
After reading this. I went back and trained some of the techniques he mentioned my doing 'so well' here. To bend Shakespeare to my own designs, one 'must study deserving' when receiving such praise. And I do need to do a bit more 'study' before I'll be there.

Appreciate the kind words and bringing back the memories of those superlative sutemiwaza you and others had 'down' at the Yoseikan. I'm still chasing the right feeling for those!
Unfortunately, I haven't done those sutemi for quite a long time, myself. When I do, they have a natural feeling for me, but there were certain ones I never got the feel for. I guess you saw that Tezuka Sensei passed away? He really had all of them. He actually helped Mochizuki Sensei develop those techniques, you know? He, Washizu, Kenmotsu and Auge.

Best to you and hope to see more of your commentary.


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