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Re: soft breakfalls

Originally posted by IrimiTom
I'm curious, how many of you focus or make a point of making your falls as soft as possible during practice?
Breakfall is the hardest type of ukemi to control, so 'soft' breakfalls are really the specialty of our Sempais.
On a side note, I've just learnt how to 'breakfall' a few days ago, without planning it. We were doing morotetori kokyunage if I recall correctly, and my mae ukemis were very...hesitant (as usual). Sensei was, of course, watching every detail, even though I swear he had his back turned to us!
Suddenly, out of the blue, he came to me as uke, and threw me in such a manner that I realized it was a breakfall. Then we tried the other side, and that is how I was able to vanquish my fear of breakfalls!
Sensei knew what he was doing when he 'forgot to' mention he was going to teach me how to fall like that. So, to all of you Senseis out there who are having difficulty teaching ukemi to your students, take this little piece of advice from a yonkyu who, until 3 days ago, could not perform a breakfall. Do not put too much pressure on us.


~ Mona
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