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Re: Another harassment question

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You wrote:

"My sensei IS a good guy. He's not a bully in my opinion at all. He's jut one of those guys who at inappropiately around women and doesn't realize what he's sayng is too much/too far. Some guys just turn into different people near women, we all work with guys like that."

This makes it ok????

What would make a guy a bad guy in your opinion? That behavior is not okay...
I think training in another art with a good instructor would be so much healthier for you.
When a dojo isn't safe for women... it's not safe for the men that are training there either...That behavior and those attitudes perpetuate the myths that women are objects and violence against women is okay because it is just "good old boy behavior". Mary
I find your words and tone very offensive, dated, rude, insensitive, sexist, etc. You do a huge amount of injustice and harm to women with what you say and your opinions. Please rethink how you see women. They are not damned to being victims, and are the weaker sex etc. Things have changed. Just because you run into one bully situation (male or female) in the dojo doesn't make it a global crisis. Please think about what you said, it is really as offensive as the situation Tom28 in which you find just as offensive. Please don't stereotype all men as "Good O'l Boy behavior." And that all men see women as objects and targets for violence. All men are not predators, criminals, monsters out to harm women. .

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