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Re: YouTube: Aikido in a real street fight.

Nick Pittson wrote: View Post
Thanks David.

I have often wondered how much having a TV show camera rolling prompts instances of "Kodak Courage" (the concept that you do things you wouldnt otherwise do if there were no camera) on that show, and this case in particular; unedited footage, 3rd warning within 15 seconds equals take down, and see the yellow shirts' body language at 0:41? See his legs? Body language to me, combined with his statement while climbing out of the cruiser ("...looks a little amped up...") doesn't help convince of anything other than looking for a reason to nail someone.

I wouldnt be surprised that the yellow shirt was the one who uttered the word that got bleeped. Disapointed, but in this context, not surprised.

Cops have dangerous jobs, no doubt about it. This looked a little premeditated, to me.
I think the bleep was the civilian, but that video didn't make me feel better about the cop. I thought the civilian looked a little tightly wound, but I didn't see cause for the take-down. I'm not familiar with the law very well though and I'm betting a lawyer would have picked up on this video by now if the cop exceded his authority.
Still, great shomen ate! Looked almost like Shodokan kata to me.

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