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Re: Another harassment question

My post may have came off more angry than I intended. It's a serious issue for me that effects myself, my friend, my classmates and IMO the school's future. A coworkers entire school closed because a male instructor ran his hand down a womans back, butt and legs (while doing the same to the rest of the class I'll add) to explain some kinda straight line apparently. I doubt my friend would go to that extreme but I can't speak for future women who may join the class and I want a class to come back to.

Speaking to my friend a few minutes ago shes going to wait until he's alone without other students present and bring up her concerns and issues with his behavior. I'm hoping he just doesn't realize his behavor is wrong and addressed, he corrects it.
If he doesn't stop I'm going to fire off an email or make a call and tell him he needs to stop or I won't be returning and likely she won't continue to train either.