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Re: Another harassment question

Thanks Joe but like I asked, please save your 'advice' for another thread. You're the only one who responded the way you did. Maybe I'm wrong, it seemed so far off course of everyone else that I couldn't imagine you doing other pissing around. Now you're turning it around into an "But I was serious post"

Why not really run with it? Maybe I'm actually the woman in question and I'm too embarassed to ask and I concocted this story of being a worried friend?0
Maybe I'm actually the instructor in question and I'm trying to snoop around and ask the forum about the situation so I can cover my tracks better. Hey you never know, right?

Assume for the sake of my thread that everything I say is honest and accurate. If you want to play the what if game and call my integrity into question do it somewhere else. Second time I've asked now. Respectfully Joe, I'm not looking to play the red herring game.
Not only am I married and not the least bit "jealous" of my sensei making rude comments to my friend the moderators have my ISP and can tell you that I've been actively posting on this forum for a few years now. Any senior members like Ron, SeiserL or Mary (to name a few) can ask and I will PM them and have them verify my integrity and maturity. That of course defeats the idea behind an anonymous thread mind you. And you can spend the whole time what if-ing every thread in here to death.

So like I asked,for the sake of the thread not spiraling into silliness, red herrings and what if's, assume what I'm saying is accurate and honest or please save it for someone else's thread.