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Re: Another harassment question

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I really don't see the point of this post Joe? Even hypothetically it seems more an attempt to be a dick than anything constructive?

There shouldn't be any type of hazard inviting an old highschool friend to the school where I practiced. Being a girl (woman/lady) shouldn't be a factor. The fact that a previous friend received the same comments and physically "slapped on the ass" really leads away from the silly jealous angle. I'm not sure if you were trying to make a joke but rally man, it wasn't funny nor helpful at all. Maybe you should save your adice for another thread because to me this is a serious issue, thanks.
There's no joke, Anonymous User. It is a serious issue and my advice was very direct. Your perception of my intent was wrong, so you assumed I was a "dick" and responded as you did. You could have asked what I meant, but you didn't. You could have clarified what you meant, but you did not. You afforded me no respect, assuming I had ill intent. You presumed to know my mind and you consequently showed your own quite publicly.

So, all of the above notwithstanding, why should I, or anyone, automatically trust your perception of events in your dojo? Are you not behaving the same way in handling your dojo's business as you just did in handling me?

The same hypothetical message naturally was directed to anyone who was instantly inflamed by the picture you painted and jumped to any conclusion without examining the entire situation clearly. [See Buck's post for a more verbose explanation.]

If your mind is clear and your motives are pure, then you already have all you need to make your own decisions. If you have any doubt, then expect the people you confide in (insomuch as we are your confidants) to explore the source of your doubt.

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