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Re: Another harassment question

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It seems to me that the instructor really has nothing to do with this. What if Tom28 is jealous?

Hypothetically: In spite of the potential hazard, Tom28 invites an "extremely good looking and fit" female friend to the club where he practices. (Why?) He warns her, inadvertently putting the idea into her head that the instructor may try get closer to her over time. She says she'll be on the lookout. He sees it happening again... "How can she not see it?!" he wonders... And now work keeps him away---he's not there to protect this hapless girl, to prevent this injustice. Angst comes from expectations not being met; this is not going anything like he intended...

Who knows? Do you?
I really don't see the point of this post Joe? Even hypothetically it seems more an attempt to be a dick than anything constructive?

There shouldn't be any type of hazard inviting an old highschool friend to the school where I practiced. Being a girl (woman/lady) shouldn't be a factor. The fact that a previous friend received the same comments and physically "slapped on the ass" really leads away from the silly jealous angle. I'm not sure if you were trying to make a joke but rally man, it wasn't funny nor helpful at all. Maybe you should save your adice for another thread because to me this is a serious issue, thanks.

Mary, why would I train with someone like this? I didn't see this behavior until a woman came into the class (and even at that point I was a few classes away from my year or so leave of absence).
My other friend was interested in doing some kind of martial arts but was always too shy/timid to go to class. I convinced her to try and she wanted to do the same one I did, Aikido. Before hand I warned her about what happened previously and she assured me if it happened she would put a stop to it right away so I said sure I'll make the introductions. Believe me I have serious doubts about going back to the school in light of all this even though it will effectively stop my Aikido training until I move into a city that has it
[Also I think the whole girl/woman thing is semantics. When you call it a girls room it doesn't preclude women from using the facilities. In the case I used it it's interchangable with all words female]

I'm going to speak with her tonight and mention this thread and ass on the comments and advice from all sides.
(I'll also invite her to come post here about it)

My sensei IS a good guy. He's not a bully in my opinion at all. He's jut one of those guys who at inappropiately around women and doesn't realize what he's sayng is too much/too far. Some guys just turn into different people near women, we all work with guys like that.

My goal is to create a balanced training environment where everyone is happy, enjoying their training and lastly attracting new students for me to learn from. His actions are alienating half the population and pissing off the other half. Know what I mean?