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Re: Another harassment question

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Not funny.

And to the thread initiator...why would you train would someone like this?
Just one more comment ...women over the age of 18 are not girls.
Mary, Mary, Mary.... neither is farting out long n' loudly while in mist of taking ukemi during a demo, but people laugh anyway. It's the stuff comedy is made of.

"Girl"- possibly a semantics hot potato?

Webster says:

Main Entry: girl
Pronunciation: \ˈgər(-ə)l\
Function: noun
Etymology: Middle English gurle, girle young person of either sex
Date: 14th century
1 a: a female child from birth to adulthood b: daughter c: a young unmarried woman sometimes offensive : a single or married woman of any age
2 a: sweetheart sometimes offensive : a female servant or employee.

What is neat about this definition, is the word sometimes. and not all the time.

I never liked bullies
Bullies, well they come in all sorts. The stereotypical school yard boy, to the more passive-aggressive cogent popular girl on the internet.

Is this a bully situation, words use to intimidate from a power position. The sensei is the bully, the student victim. This is what we assume automatically in these types of situations that are told to us. We are asked to take a sides on these situations told to us openly, fossils not fleshed out with all the facts. Prime stuff to manipulate, persuade, and convince, all the stuff in politics.

Are such relationships between sensei and student conditional?

I was bullied, am a wimpy kinda of guy, the stuff bully targets are made of. I get and have been pushed around, intimidated by others, including women and men; construction workers to professors of both sexes. As adults choosing a relationship we decide, we shop for a Sensei. No one forces us to choose and the choose really isn't an important one, say like a spouse. We decide, we have the power to decide to go or stay, etc. no matter who we are.

What is left of the battle of the sexes is the slapping down of the power egos. - I don't remember who said it.

Template used: Sexist sensei (assumed and always male) preys on vulnerable female student. Student can't leave because a) small, or b) only dojo in town. How does student fight back, deal, with situation. Provides opportunity to persuade readers to side with student victim.

Template used to changes public opinion in favor of women slapping down a male ego. As many more senseis are male then female. More men in dojo than woman.

The question then is why more men in Aikido than woman, and why pander to women. That I think is the real injustice, placing women as victims, making them weak looking and, pandering to them.

I like to hear stories of strong women, successful women as templates in Aikido, instead of those who use them as victims because I don't like bullies.

Food stuff for real thought.

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