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David Orange wrote: View Post
One of his students, Matthew Rogers, came to Japan in the early 90s looking for some proof of Hapkido's roots in Daito Ryu. He visited several major schools of aikido and daito ryu, interviewing the earliest masters he could find concerning Yong Sul Choi and Sokaku Takeda. I'm not sure what he ever determined. I met him when he came to the yoseikan and I helped him query Mochizuki Sensei.

Matthew had been training with Master Hwang for five years at the time and was ranked green belt but he felt thoroughly comfortable visiting Japanese dojos and training with the black belts. He already displayed what I consider "internal" power. He demonstrated a light back-hand tap to my midsection and I felt as if I'd been hit by a cannonball. He said that Master Hwang definitely had that kind of power in spades,
Although David is accurate in his description here of my teacher's capabilities i think the years have increased his estimation of my own!

After reading this. I went back and trained some of the techniques he mentioned my doing 'so well' here. To bend Shakespeare to my own designs, one 'must study deserving' when receiving such praise. And I do need to do a bit more 'study' before I'll be there.

Appreciate the kind words and bringing back the memories of those superlative sutemiwaza you and others had 'down' at the Yoseikan. I'm still chasing the right feeling for those!
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