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Re: Another harassment question

If the entire class said something it would have impact. If you believe that other male students don't consider the teacher's behavior all that bad, or "in good fun", then that should have an impact on you. Perhaps this is why you attend so infrequently?

As long as female #2 is aware that female#1 left after inapprpriate contact initiated by the sensei, you've done any duty you can reasonably claim
Anon wrote:
I keep pressuring my friend to confront him but she keep coming up with excuses not to. I know she's becoming upset about it but she seems to think that she can just avoid it and it will stop or she's convinced that one of these days she's going to confront him.
Plain and simple she is doing all she needs to do if this were only a matter of learning Aikido, and that is simply to show up, and show at least the common americana respect most people still grow up with.

It then becomes easy to see that she's going above and beyond what the so-called men in your dojo are asked to do. They show up, and are taught; they are not told that: since they are men they should be able to "handle a jo" like they were born with one attached.

This lout does not deserve the respect that should be afforded a teacher, simply by the lack of respect he is exhibiting.

Really, how can this not seem outrageous?

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