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C. David Henderson
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Re: Aikido is Useless without Discipline

Philip Burgess wrote: View Post
You can't even really talk to deeply about physical technique unless mental and physical discipline is discussed properly. Just food for an errant thought.
Hi Lynn,

It's certainly valid to me to treat mindfulness as the mode of discipline, and everything else as content.

The OP also, and I think understandably, talks in terms of physical commitment. I guess what I meant to say relates to that aspect of the topic:

Physical commitment has had on-the-mat connotations, to me, including confronting challenges, facing fears, and enduring discomfort or fatigue. My sense of discipline, in this context,urges me to stay on the mat and practice.

To me, mindfulness and self-observation need to touch and inform (if not subsume) the idea of discipline here, for my own sake and my partners'.

Physical commitment also has off-the-mat connotations for me, including balancing practice with my life.

Mindfulness here encounters both guileful temptation and genuine need.

Anyway, that's how the topic strikes me.
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