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Re: Another harassment question

Be a man, I suppose to be a girl means not standing up for yourself?

One large issue is that I have not even been to class to train with my friend, I have not seen or heard any of his comments. This is from her and another student whom I spoke with.

If worse comes to worse I'll email or call him but I still think it will have more significance coming from her.
"I know I haven't been to class in close to a year but I heard you were making rude comments" is pretty sketchy.

I'm afraid of my friend just hoping the issue goes away which I think is not only unfair to her but especially unfair to the other male students in the class who may feel too awkward to say anything.

As for the size of the class I'm from a small city, the class has been small since the first one, never more than a dozen people.
It's also the only Aikido school for 60 miles.