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Re: Another harassment question

I don't know why anyone would recommend a Sensei who is seen as offensive, or is offended to someone else that maybe offended.

As adults we are responsible for our own decisions for not doint what others think is best. She is staying with a Sensei who is seen as offensive fpr her reason. Therefore, warnings and advice may not get the person to leave. There is a reason why she hasn't left it necessary to leave am don't think it is shyness. Like maybe she feels the needs to over come the situation, or feels she can handle the situation. That feeds into the Sensei's remarks that are seen as offensive. All the advice, from the outside, in the world will not change her mind, when she is ready, she will leave on her own terms. She is an adult and has made the choice to stay and put up with what is said to be offensive.

Or things aren't what they seem, maybe it is their way to hide the fact they are doing something like dating, for example.