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Re: Another harassment question

I don't think it's up to you to convince her to confront him - and it sounds like confrontation may not help anyway. He may be a "great guy", but he's obviously not great enough to be teaching. It might help your friend more if you made a list of other dojos in the area and suggest that she try them out. Once she is happy at another place, you might then go see the first instructor (or the dojo-cho, if the grabby instructor is not the sensei) and say, "John (or Sensei), I am never going to recommend a female student to your dojo again, and this is why... You might not know that this is an issue, but it is, etc." And if it were me, I wouldn't go back to that school either. I'm sorry there's a guy like that out there ruining it for students, and I hope that your friend has good luck finding a place she feels comfortable!

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