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Re: Aikido Or Squash

Simone Chierchini wrote: View Post
It is not what you make out of Aikido that it is relevant for one's development.

It is what you really put in your training, long lectures about it aside.
I'm not sure what the first sentence means, but I can't disagree with the last one. I think your basic point is an important one to make. It's easy to talk about the great things we're working on and far less easy to actually work on them. Talk is cheap, as they say. However, setting does make a difference: here, for example, all we can do is talk.
It's very easy to remain in our comfort zones...which is, I think , at the heart of what you're describing. Many people are simply too busy doing other things to spend a serious amount of time and effort on their Aikido (or any other discipline for that matter). Investing a serious amount of time into training demands a degree of sacrifice that varies from person to person. And, like you said, often enough people would rather sit in front of the tube than work hard.
The answer in my mind to both the demands of everyday life and the demands of serious training is discipline. Discipline to me implies not only "stick-to-it-iveness" but also organization. When we are properly organized, we can accomplish amazing things. I'm a good example of someone who can do more than I've been doing, but I'm also a good example of someone who's been juggling several demanding activities. I think I'm getting better at how I organize everything. Still, I can always do better, and my training is no exception.
...for what it's worth.
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