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Re: Aikido Or Squash

Whenever I practise,
I try to be in control of the situation.

I try to be in the center of the play,
let my partner dance around me.

Partner needs to run,
so I can relax.

If partner has the center,
I follow the best I can.

If the opportunity arises,
I take back my place in the center.

Need to be aware of my environment.
feel where partner is going behind my back.

Read my partner's mind,
so I know what his next move will be.

Try to mislead partner,
make him think what I want him to think.

Learn the optimal body movement,
that generates the most force with the least effort.

The result is not import,
as long as we enjoy ourself.

I am better then my partner,
I adjust myself to his ability.

Not only my enjoyment counts,
I care about my partner's as well.

Have fun during practise,
a good laugh lightens things up.

Sometimes I play with someone better then me,
must not let the oncoming defeat get under my skin.

I trained with people that did not care about me,
its hard to relax and not get angry.

I must stay open minded,
so I can learn whenever the opportunity arises.

The game can be hard,
accidents happen.

The best part about the game,
is the shower afterwards.

This is what I learned in aikido,
and what counts for squash as well,
or was it the other way around?
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