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Re: 100 Things To Tell A New Aikido Student

71. If you haven't got a gi yet, wear a long sleeved shirt and long pants unless you want to get a lot of matburns.

72. Stop being awkward and stiff, I'm trying to teach you this stuff.

73. Don't anticipate techinques (i.e. don't collapse before I've actually thrown you).

74. Listen to the advice people give you, its often for your own safety. If you still choose to ignore it then its no longer our problem if you get a concussion or a broken wrist ...

75. Have an open mind.

76. Don't give up, you can't expect to know everything after your first session.

77. MOST IMPORTANT: Please God WASH before you come to class, put on some deodorant or sth, and wear CLEAN clothes! Nothing is more disgusting than training in close body contact with a person who reeks of old sweat and has greasy hair!
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