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Simone Chierchini
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Re: Aikido Or Squash

You say aikido can hold 1,000 versions of itself within it. That is a very beautiful thought.

What you may not realize is that what you think of as aikido is just one of those 1,000 versions.
Thanks for pointing that out Joe.
Unfortunately you continue to miss my point.

It is not what you make out of Aikido that it is relevant for one's development.

It is what you really put in your training, long lectures about it aside. You are driving a Ferrari, nobody cares where you want to go with it but as a teacher you have the duty to teach the driver how to get there safely and possibly in a conveniently fast time. Then you have have to let the driver to the driving.

In my dojos though -and in my life- there is no space for the ones who drive circles around their front garden and say they are just back from the moon...

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