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Another harassment question

I've been studying for a couple of years now-small class.

I managed to convince a timid female friend of mine to join. Things were going well for a while then the instructor started making comments. Just little things at first. You're a girl you should be flexable! You're a girl you should this or that. Common comments guys make. They started getting more and more personal and I could tell my friend felt awkward. She would try and call him on it by saying "hey cut that out you're a pig" in a half joking way but this had no effect. Once or twice he slapped her ass- she ended up stopping attending class after that.

Fast forward to a year and a half later, I introduce another female friend to the class. Extremely good looking and fit. I warn her about what happened in the past but she swore she didn't get that vibe, and if she did she would put a stop to it right away.

Sure enough after a while he started making little comments during class, nothing really bad or out of control. Once again I warned her about it but she passed it off citing she gets those comments every day at her job.
After a while however she started to realize the comments were getting out of control. He's always calling her pretty, beautiful, georgeous making comments like you're a girl you should be able to roll up off your back better. You're a girl you should be able to spread your legs more!
He says it in a joking manner but it's clearly becoming a problem. Sooner or later I expect him to start slapping her ass or becoming more bold.

Aside from the whole girl issue he's a great guy. Also another problem is that I haven't been to the school in a long while because I'm busy with my job.

I keep pressuring my friend to confront him but she keep coming up with excuses not to. I know she's becoming upset about it but she seems to think that she can just avoid it and it will stop or she's convinced that one of these days she's going to confront him.

I forsee her either getting fed up to the point here she too quits class or worse where the other male students quit because their tired of the constant comments and attention inflicted on her by the instructor.

Some might suggest I just email him and let him know what's going on but I really don't think he will see it as an issue and just pass it off. Especially coming from another guy, who hasn't been in class. I think it needs to come directly from her for it to have any lasting effect.

So how can I convince her to stop being shy, stop being embarassed and tell him to stop making those kind of comments in class? How does she impact on him the seriousness of it and how it's effecting her and likely the rest of the class.
I know if I was one of the other guys training I'd sure as hell be resentful.