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Re: 100 Things To Tell A New Aikido Student

Jim Baker wrote: View Post
17. Knee pads go up front.
18. Mr. Protector goes up front too
19. Don't expect to fly on the first day. Second day, maybe.
20. If you do fly, "Oh Shhhiiiitttttt!" it is ok to scream like a girl.
21. Gi flaps: right then left. unless you are dead, then it's left then right. we expect our dead to dress properly.
22. it's ok to mark your injure spots, but it's not ok to duck taped yourself completely.
23. BREATH, unless you are dead then breathing is optional
24. it's ok to fart as long as you are keep on moving around. it helps keeping ki flow. the old timers on aikiweb can attest to this.
25. Don't take yourself too seriously. matter of fact, don't take anyone seriously, unless their hands are reaching for your foods or drinks, then be dead serious and give them the Seagal's stare.

I wonder if anyone going to post a new topic on practical jokes played on newbies.
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