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Simone Chierchini
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Re: Aikido Or Squash

Hi folks,

glad to see that my first Aikiweb writing is generating some interest and I thank you all for sharing your thoughts.

I would like to point out though that you are generally missing my point, that NOT being whether Aikido is a sport or a religion or a war technique or a form of psycho-dynamics... there are a thousand different approaches to it and it would be ridiculous and pointless trying to do that. The beauty of Aikido is probably that in its greatness you can fit a thousand different version of it in it, totally disagree about what it really means and does AND be able to have a great time training together.

My point was that most aikido people are just great lecturers about aikido and not so great Aikido students.
You can suggest me to use all the mirror techniques you wish (that is private, anyone should do what their conscience suggests fit to do; in my writing I am the first to suggest that what we find annoying in other people might be inside us too), but it is a fact that when you decide to run a school, have hundreds of people and tens of dojos following your lead it is your duty as a teacher to lash at people who talk plenty and do little.
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