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Re: Aikido Or Squash

Kevin wrote:
You guys must have had some really bad experiences with sports!
Ha! not really - I've actually always enjoyed sports, although for me the joy is in the exertion and a well-played game rather than the competition. Although when you say
Competition is alive and well in everything we do. To think that it is not present
, I do wonder if we mean the same thing by competition. I was mostly answering what I thought was the gist of Simone original post, which I took to be roughly "Aikido is spiritual but not a religion, and Aikido isn't a sport but I wish I could bench my lazy students when they don't come to practise"...
And maybe my reply was a little disingenuous, as I've been to some dojos that I thought were less friendly and inclusive than any sports team I've been a part of.
I am perplexed as to why folks see the need to define other practices, martial arts, in particular competion or sports as to being somehow inferior
I hope I didn't give that impression! Many of us play sports, or engage in other MA's, or play the violin or whatever, and enjoy those activities as much as or more than aikido, right? And find peace and fulfillment in them, as you say. What makes aikido especially useful for me is that it is inherently philosophical in a way that many things aren't. That's all I meant. It would be weird to assume that other people do or should train for the same reasons I do

I am not an expert
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