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Re: Aikido Or Squash

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Phillip wrote:

What or who is the "higher being" you refer to?
Man has this thing about God, gods, or other such higher supernatural beings. That is what that refers to.

Ironically while it is somewhat individual in nature, you simply cannot advance without the help of others. I think this is the whole paradox and really one of the unique features of martial arts and aikido specifically, by it's nature, it requires a great deal of team work and interdependence in order to grow.

That is what we are supposed to learn from the art, that we are not individuals but interdependent.
You can advance without the help of others, I think others helping you is a good thing- if they truly want to help without a secret agenda to keep you down. Humans we do that kind of icky stuff. In the dojo others do help you, but ultimately you must help yourself before others can help you. You ultimately must walk the path alone. Your battles are internal and not external toward improving yourself. Others, yes, can support you, but you do the work on yourself. I think that is why those in the psychological field are keen on Aikido. Because Aikido is about working on the self. That is what I meant.

I see your point, and why you think that. Yes, we share knowledge, experiences, and be support by others, and that is why support groups exist, mentors etc. But I am focusing that the path we walk in Aikido being a spiritual one is an intimate walk. You may need physical therapy and the therapist can help you allot to work on the right things in the right way, to coach you, to motivate you, but ultimately it is you who has to overcome the physical and mental obstacles. You have to do the work to meet the challenge of healing and regaining your health. It can't be done for you. It's a personal internal journey, like Aikido is.

Thats all, and thanks for asking.
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