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Re: Extending Aiki and Aiki Extensions

"Does anybody have a sense how many folks here (aikiweb) have been or are interested in Aiki Extensions, the organization, and/or extending aiki principles beyond the dojo?"

I'd venture to say that everyone is interested--at least on some level--in this. IMHO, the problem with institutionalism is always going to be institutionalism. Can the principles and goals of such an organization be met by people in everyday life without the organizational dedication that is assumed?

''Im committed to growing an inclusive training community, by whatever name, that works together in service toward that end, but it seems harder than it should be to get folks to collaborate on the kind of scale the world really needs right now."

I was having a discussion with friends recently about "world problems" and the kind of cooperation it takes across lines to change things. A great point was put forth that a lot of problems in the world arise precisely because we as humans have set up institutions, systems, structures, etc, that span over too big of geographic areas to adequetley serve any one area. "we-are-all-connected" arguments aside, if region X cant sustain itself as a self-contained political-economic unit, and all regions are adversly effected the minute one region has a breakdown (ie. the current world financial crisis), than perhaps the solutions have something to do with actualizing a degree of political-economic self-autonmy among smaller communities and regions.
Similarly, my response to the second quote here is that maybe the "scale" you refer to is best addressed by analyzing the composition of the organization, and applying similar concepts of how an institution can work to help spread practices of peaceful conflict resolution, while not taking on the rigid and centralized/heirarchical structures that so often plague non-for-profit organizations.

* as a side, I have head about Aiki-Extensions, and im interested in the concept, but i dont know how it's run--only making general comments here.
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