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Re: 'Honorary' dan ranking.

Originally posted by Unregistered
...he pulled a lady aside who was new to aikido to give her some personal instruction....
I think the real problem here is not about honorary rankings, it is about what really constitutes being an instructor. A lot of people think that dan ranking gives the priviledge of teaching. That should not be the case. My teacher emphasizes over and over that shodan means a committed beginner and has nothing to do with instructional ability. If I am in an instructor role, it is through the auspices of my teacher. I give a lot of feedback and "opinion", but "personal instruction" at my level (below 4th dan) is kind of a no-no, and I make sure the people I am working with understand that. (This is really a different issue if the kancho is a shodan or nidan, and I don't mean to upset anyone if that is their situation.)

Jim Vance
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