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Originally posted by PeterR
Isn't it though - faced with a real knife I would be way more careful but the idea is to provide impetus for strong commited attacks. Still with Shodokan experience I can with confidence role my eyes when certain people talk about knife take aways. It's not easy.
Hi Peter

Despite my reservations concerning shiai (sp?) in Aikido I do agree with you in some respects about knife attacks.
At the 2001 Aikido-l european seminar we did some work on that in the shodokan session. Lots of fun, reminded me a lot of what we do in my own dojo, despite the fact that we are nothing to do with Tomiki.
I do have to say that everything becomes especially clear when working with a real knife, not just a practise weapon.

So I can sympathise with your point above, but I'm still not sure how a hakama could possibly be a problem when dealing with knife attacks? Could you elaborate on that one?

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