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Marc Abrams
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Re: What do you REALLY want to teach?

Kevin Leavitt wrote: View Post
In my Jiujitsu class, after a year of training with the same core group of guys we finally reached the point where we can get together and train hard. We can warm up, go through drills, and have a very "advanced" and rigorous workout without having to slow down to teach beginners the basics.

It is nice to be able to train this way. It does not happen that often.

That said, I love working with beginners and teaching them the basics and being an uke for them to learn. It is all a part of the process...developing new trainng partners.

I like the idea of the blog. I wonder how many teachers actually follow a curriculum vice just winging it based on "feel" and their latest thought process for exploratory learning.

I would honestly say that it is a combo of both. I do not go into a class knowing what attack or techniques I am going to teach. A lot of that depends upon the composition of the students. I find that the blog serves as a structure from which the attack and techniques can emerge from. It has been my experience that this is a helpful process for my students. It is a work in progress (then again so is my life!) that is always looking to evolve. I am looking to become more efficient and effective in teaching an art that needs both strong external and internal components in order to really work (my opinion).

Marc Abrams
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