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Re: formal "class" as a supplement to keiko?

Dave Lewin wrote: View Post
Thanks fellas.

To clarify, I do not, and would not, want a class like the one im suggesting to be anything more than a "supplement."

But, for example, to answer Jerome when he says "if we take aikido into a class room, then i don't think its an aikido class anymore. its a 'concepts of aikido' class or something."
My response is: is a physical aikido class not a 'concepts of aikido' class also?

hi dave
'concepts' is one thing. 'application' is another, and that's why we practice on the mat.

at any rate, tohei sensei would have, once a month, on tuesdays, a discussion class. we'd clean the mat after first class and then pile into the lounge, and we were free to ask him any questions any he would answer them all. liek you said, it was a supplement to our regular daily training.

but if that's all we did, was just talk about aikido without doing it, we'd just turn into a bunch of armchair aikidoists.
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