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Re: formal "class" as a supplement to keiko?

Peter Gröndahl wrote: View Post
I actually think that having such a class could increase the talking during class. A little bit like trying to put out a fire with oxygen...
or maybe putting out a fire with gasoline???

this is a traditional physical martial art, so we learn by doing. not by talking. that being said, i know i talk way more than i should in my class, but its while i'm teaching the waza, and explaining it. in this case, i feel like i'm talking the students through the technique as we do it, as opposed to talking AB0UT a techniqu INSTEAD of doing it.

i'm probably swinging the pendulum way over to the other side... but if we take aikido into a class room, then i don't think its an aikido class anymore. its a 'concepts of aikido' class or something.

now lets all break into individual discussion groups... :P
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