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Keith Larman
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Re: Advice on Knee Support

As a guy who has suffered through a couple injuries... Yeah, I can sympathize. People often ask me if the falls are what hurts. No, it's the getting up over and over again.

So my free advice -- all worth what you paid. Braces can help, but they're more about preventing more damage. If the problem is your knees getting sore when getting up you may really need to strengthen the legs. After my injuries I've had problems keeping my legs strong enough. That translated into lots of problems later with fatigue, soreness, etc. But it was really more about having lost strength due to the layoff and the injury. Not to mention all those things you do to "favor" or protect the injured area. So ideally spend some time with a sports phsyical therapist and get some exercises appropriate for both what you need and that won't cause more problems with the tender joints.

Another point is that if you are carrying extra weight... Well, the next sentence should be obvious. Dropping weight makes it easier to stand up. Something I need to work on some more...

Just fwiw.

And I used a very high end custom made Thompson Derotational brace for one knee for a long time. It was great -- carbon fiber, super strong hinges, it felt great. The problem was that sometimes I'd clip someone... Oops, sorry about that. But you can get over-reliant on the braces when the real problem is more about the rehab of the knee itself and the muscles around it.

Anyway, get thee to a good therapist or else listen to the one you have. It takes time to get flexibility back but it sounds more like you need to regain strength than so much need more support. Doing both would probably be a good idea, however...

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