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Re: Acceptable Aikido Vices?

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Philip, I think you and I shall have to "agree to disagree" as we are approaching this issue from such different places. Although I don't feel my previous questions have been directly answered - which is fine - my next question is :
If the internal task of the aikidoka is some kind of self-transformation (and you and I probably are in agreement on that, in general terms), then how can the imperfect human we each are essay to work on it if we are not permitted in the dojo until AFTER solving the problem, ie, achieving the self-transformation? To extend the part of your arguement with which I disagree: If it can be done before entering the dojo, why bother to train?
Yea, maybe we do. I am coming strictly from Budo that is about mental strength/discipline. Look at O'Sensei's life as a example. He said Takeda taught him Budo. Mental training is a part of Aikido because Aikido is a Budo and mental training is part of Budo. That is all there is to it, no psychological evaluations, or the complexity, or the judgements involved. Or the fear.
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