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Re: Mis-spelling on hakama

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Oh, and on a tangential note...

Years ago people kept telling me I should have a Japanese "art name" for my sword polishing/mounting business. You know, some really cool, samurai-esque, sharp object related nifty lookin' kanji to toss around. I got tired of hearing it and named my business

Summerchild Polishing

Why? When I was a kid my mom used to joke that I vanished all day during the summer. I was her summer-child. Years later I married a lovely woman who is of Japanese descent. It turned out her name, Natsuko, literally meant summerchild.

I always thought that was a kind of cool coincidence. So I named the business summerchild polishing.

And I used the kanji for her name as my graphic as a sort of inside joke wondering how many of those people who thought it was so important I have some cool kanji on my site would notice.

And I waited for someone to say something (because it is a girl's name after all).

Nobody said a word for many, many years...

It just seemed vaguely related...
I thought about naming my business "Ki Aikido." Kind of a play on words being how my last name is Wood (Wood Aikido). In the end though I settled on Tanoshii Aikido.
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