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C. David Henderson
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Re: Acceptable Aikido Vices?

I guess if one did know one's partner had a "vice," it might affect on-mat interactions. Is that because of the "vice," or because of my knowledge of the "vice," and my judgment that it is a "vice?"

A sincere question -- would this feel to the person who has a "vice" as a withholding of harmony and respect to the extent it affects practice?

Sure, lots of bad habits can seriously affect a person's health, family, friends, happiness, lifespan, and -- to the extent it matters next to this list -- development as a martial artist.

But, is my intent as the partner to this person to sit in judgment or engage in practice?

A line from a recent Santana song comes to mind -- Even if your fallen, or struggling, there's still beauty in what we do.


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