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Re: Acceptable Aikido Vices?

Philip Burgess wrote: View Post
Funny thing about practice is you can really get to know someone with out ever taking to them just through the exchange of practice. ....
Vices affect that mat relationship, i.e. respect, attitude, harmony, etc. ....
I think there are no acceptable vices, a person should work-out those personality issues that are a result of a vice either before or early on in the practice of Aikido....
There's some assumptions built in to this that I question.

The first sentence I totally agree with, and for that reason, the second sentence makes no sense. As I exchange somatic and energetic touch with a training partner I indeed learn a lot about them on a nonverbal level. Often I develop trust and respect for a person about whose life I know very little: a lot of the time I have no idea how s/he earns a living, marital status, religious convictions, favorite color, etc. So in fact I also have no idea if she or he engages in "vice". And frankly, my ability to totally trust this person as a training partner (which means, with my health and well-bring) within the context of training on the mat, doesn't require me to know those things as they don't count for how we train together.

I'm also confused by your use of the word "vice." The OP listed things like smoking, drinking, and drinking, which may be posited (depending on one's background, beliefs, or training) as habits or as physical addictions or as symptoms of an illness, but I'm not sure that "personality issues" are either a cause or an effect of these things. The word "vice" and the list read to me like a list of things some religions ban, and again it doesn't jive for me (unless you think the dojo is a church?). Do you honestly believe that if a person bets on the horses that is something I feel in his technique or it makes it impossible for him to contribute positively to the dojo culture? I strongly disagree.

Finally, we are all "works in progress," muddling through life the best we can at any given time. I hate to think there needs to be a "morality test" we are expected to pass before we can start training.

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